Aphiniha Kamatep [1 of 42Ep END]

- Jessie: He did not do me, Mrs. Aunt. I'm right. We do not have any friends. Niall knew the girl was small. If so, what can she say for herself? - Nila: Two men and women in bed, no clothes, tell them no one, do you believe that, my aunt? - Jessie: You mean really. Vincent did not really do it. Hear the loud, disagreeable voice of the four youngest-looking Antonis look at each other and walk away, they do not know what to say, they come out and decide on another thing. Jessica: If you do not want to get married now, we want you to go to the condos in one month. - Jessie: Yeah !! Jesse Sebastian does not seem to believe the decision of the four elderly people. Stupid also blind eye to the catfish, they are also crawling. Then they re-engage to try to avoid excessive surprises. The elderly grandfather looked at the eyes of the four elderly people wanting to know what they were thinking. - Jessie: Ah !!! I do not mind why I have to stay in condos with him only for two months? The little girl screams almost surprised a hotel guest. She protested against her mother's decision. Jessica: It's a matter of honor. If you do not agree with your spouse after one month of marriage, then everybody will forget about today. Jika knows that this girl is not easily persuaded by her, so she honors her reputation. But she's touched this little girl ever lost. - Jessie: Mama! What time is it? I and Tritra are just in the room together. If so, there is nothing surprising about this. He was not the first man I ever slept with. Jessica: Jessica! You are a mother whose mother speaks so disrespectfully. -Jessica: Mama !!! Children are American, not Khmer. Big children in America have not grown up in Cambodia, who have to adhere to a strict tradition. Have you ever had countless boyfriends Do you have to marry them all or after a hot night together? Jiaqi bites his daughter almost slammed. Jessica: Be quiet if you do not want to be angry with me. Chetra knows that Jia Q is angry. They also find a way of solving both sides of the problem in the absence of controversy. - Chetrat: Yes. Even though I told you that we did not do anything, no one believed that men and women were in the same bed in the same room, but only two would not do it all night. I will stay home with Jessie for a month. If we still refuse to get married, will not you forget about today? The four elders seemed happy with the words of Chetra. Everyone nods. - Jessie: But I do not ... The little girl is: not yet finished, she must also stick with her hands. It is thought that together with a month and a half, she should not have any problems. They will also go to work and do not see anything change. Most importantly, none of the Betty's and Clan's lineups, with the largest shareholder at UniCam Airway, have been shocked because of today's story. A few days later, Jessica and Stefan had to live in two couches. After collecting it, Jessie was too tired. Although she refused, she was forced to let go when her mother forced her to go out of the family if she disobeyed, and her father begged her to follow her mother's wishes. -Jessie: You yourself slept in my sofa and slept in the living room. The condominium has only one bedroom. Condominium is smaller than her room at home in Benishand, Mississippi, and feels bored. Stefan does not respond to his luggage and walks into the bath. Dress up and go back: Walk to bed, let the bride stand alone. - Jessie: You can not sleep in bed alone. Go! - Tracy: Why? -Jessie: Or you want me to sleep in the sofa? - Chetrat: Want me to sleep Where's your story? - Jessie: How do we not love each other in bed? - Chetra: If you do not want to sleep a bed, go to the sofa. - Jessie: Do not go! Speaking, Jessie also jumped on the bed, arguing long legs with deliberate distraction. But hey laughing, hesitated and moving to bed on the other, pulling her arms out of cheering. She was shy and the young man did not realize it. Jessie misses a real heart, thinking he's not a good gentleman. She sighed in her mind and bathed herself. Get out of bed and get up in bed. The Jessie tried to cover the border between the two before lay down to sleep. In the morning, you see yourself in the hands of a handsome man. - Jessie: Ah !!! Alone! What do you do yourself? Joyce gets up, shakes hands that are shaking several times. This night, she took the pillow and crawled it into her arms, hammered herself. The lazy gentleman cast her out and hugged her in the opposite direction.