Besdong Sila [44Ep ]

Ended , Thai

[5.0/1 ratings]

44 Episodes


It is a story of triumph The accidental death of their work. Wives are left to pick up the glass with a beautiful daughter who is two months twinkling stars and glitter. Have suffered ever since. Glitter stars love comfort and well-being of families unhappy. He has turned into the entertainment industry and a reputation. She seduced reputation acquired in the blink of an eye and forget their ancestry back. The younger, promising a month that has the ambition to want to clean the kitchen a joy so absorbed in working to raise money to help a mother who is seriously ill with. Because the house was not as good. While the stars that glitter silver and gold, and will never turn his attention to family sources. The twinkling stars that captivate you Polyphony own advertising company. That I did not know that you love glitter polyphony that month alone. Added twinkling star even more insidious when two brothers fall in love with the same man. Twinkling stars, so try calling attention to everything people they love attention. You polyphony that admiration and gratitude to fight and you know the glitter month. He chose to stay abreast glitter glitter month over month, but also humility would not expect much because the two different lives with some blue clay. Of twinkling stars getting worse because more and more control yourself, do not turn to stray light in the Maya until the sixth to life in prison. With a glint in the successful marriage and raising a patron as well.

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