48 Episodes


The girl has everything to do with looks. Education or the She intended to marry one. Boyfriend married in a year. But there was opposition from the closest that one can not really love his mail. Mail is typically began to falter But then, on the day of engaged almost everything went well. But then the father of one was invaded and cancel this event because I knew that. Mel's father is bankruptcy. Making it one thrust out his mail immediately. This incident is the father of Mel's embarrassing and stressful as heart attack and died at the hospital. This is a major turning point in the life of Mel's turn to the other side. Mel and his mother fled to live with garlands. My sister is not authentic consecutive time. Which then form the steering group for income from handicrafts. Mother of two is not used to living like this house very much. It started a long time to absorb the lifestyle of the residents of this neighborhood with simplicity and joy as much as possible to learn the profession at Bang Sai Arts and Crafts and much more. While her relationship with you desire. Young men of the same age who live in the neighborhood and to give good advice to his client, as it is going well. During which he also owes a debt to someone who's terrorizing Mel and her mother regularly. Mel, who's going to deal with this issue and on how it all came incessantly.