Chamnaot Sne [2 of 27Ep END]

- Chetrat: Where are you? At home? - Jessie: No. Outside with friends. Got something?   It is thought that she at home will have to take her to eat at all restaurants. But he can not settle down like she does to sit still. Now that she is with her friends, maybe they are eating together. - Chetrat: No problem. Jessica seems strange. If nothing else, he can interrupt the phone. - Jessie: Yeah? I lay down. She pressed off and continued to talk with her three other friends in a modern restaurant. Trout leaves the office and opens to restaurants not far from the place of work. They walked in, but were surprised to see people come to know each other exactly.   - Chetra: Jessica! The bride looks at the trunk that is coming in to her desk. How come he is here? After wondering, she remembers, yes, it's a restaurant near her workplace. He probably came to eat.   - Chetrat: You're here to eat here? - Jessie: Yes. And you come to eat too?   Smile nervous and turned to some pretty smile of Jessie's friends. Jessica's friends are Asian-American hybrids, they come to Cambodia. But TranThanh also know English fluently and can easily communicate with them. They have seen stitches on Nita's wedding day, and praised him as a good boy. - Nancy: Yes, please. My name is Dan. - Emilie: My name is Emilie. -Eva: My name is Eve. Keep coming back. - Chetrat: Yes, my name is Chetra. - Emilie: You come to eat? - Steve: Yes. - Emily: come with a date?   Write a bit of a bit.   - Steve: No, no. Come alone. Only the tallest boy looks naked but the actor goes to eat alone Emilice to a few friends to the chair to leave a vacant seat for happiness. Jessie does not like her friends' gestures. But she also knows that all her friends are American. It's a normal gesture for any man they are interested in sitting at the table. - Jessie: Oh do not need to say anything, Tritra does not like to eat with children, just like me?   Eve fluttered her chest, just as she could not talk, continue to disrupt her work. Delicate eye shadow. - Chetrat: Who is that? You like to sit down with some pretty girls. They sat down as if they were not interested in Josie's controversy. Many other hybrid couples smiled and smiled. The pretty boy was sitting at the table with those who were not happy.   - Eve: You want to drink? Call me.