Chamnaot Sne [9 of 27Ep END]

The sun begins to shine bright into a room of hotels. Jessica opened her eyes and found a bed with a man lying in her bed. Who are they? And she goes to bed with the man unconsciously? The little girl takes her manhood several times. She's still in her head. Last night, she was too overburdened, and she wandered in such a way. Little sparrow looked at the sarcophagus of the boy and also breathed heavily. Khmer-America has been living in America for quite a long time, and this kind of bedrock of men and women is common in the eyes of Jessica. She does not mind or think too much. But it was wrong that the first night of her life, she did not remember what was going to happen. Jessie woke up in a blanket and lowered her eyes to see only a small bra and a tight pants. The man turned his back to see who was going to make a blanket to disturb his sleep. Their glasses touch each other. - Jerry: Brother Tritra! - Chetra: Jessica! Quickly wake up and wake up, wake up, awake, dawn at dawn. There were no clothes out of it except for a pair of shorts. The young man looked at how few things he knew. Chetra is wondering how he came to bed with the girl. Last night they drank too much alcohol and went into the girl's room. Never been such a person before. The gate opened up, showing the mother of Jessie, Jessica K. Bennett, who now stands open with a large, open bolt that can swing into the nest. Then he wakes up and yells for both of them. Jessica: Jessica !!! Happy !!! You guys !!! Ah !!! The mother thought she was going to ask her daughter for breakfast, but found her daughter with the boy he loved as a nephew in two beds and was pulling a blanket to cover the body. How does he feel now? Jessica's hand closed her ears because she was too deaf to cough her mother's voice. The bride's face did not show any surprises. She just went to bed with a man. She did not commit murder. Keep stylus in place. He does not like her haughty charm. They were worried about Jaycee's husband, but could not get off the bed, because he had only one pair of shorts. If it does, it only makes him more screaming. After crying, she took her chest and asked a question that they were hard to find. Jessica: How do you do this? Although Jessica has never experienced a love relationship with a man before, she can see that her body has not changed. She probably has not suffered anything with integrity. They may just be drunk and get into a bed by accident. - Jessie: Mama! Is that ... Euro ... I do not think we have any friends. Jessica: No, that's okay. And clothes down on these land? Jessie points to the clothes they may throw away on both sides of the bed before drowning. She looks at the woman's point of view as a stepmother. They also disagree with themselves. Why did they come to this room with Jessica? They do not even remember what they were drinking at Beau's wedding and Anita's wedding. Regretting came back to bed with a girl who was recognized as a sister. Jessie: It's probably because we drink too much alcohol and throw it away.   Jessie, by the way, concludes she remembers her mother, who is having a heart attack. Jessica: How many times have you said that because of the heavy drinking and coming up to heaven? Jacea's refusal to turn back makes Jessica dark. She tripped to explain the truth to her mother. -Jessie: You tell me mom, we have nothing to do with each other. Chest pain in the head due to alcohol. They are men, they think they may not have done anything. But it is not so clear whether they have done this or not. Because of the precise gesture of Jessie, they are convinced that they and Jessica are not exactly the same. - Chetra: That we are not ... - Jia Q: You want to argue too? Jessica knew that Chetrat was a very good boy, very responsible. Such a good man does not just lie about stealing. Seeing that her words could not be completely controlled by Mrs. Bai Thong, he remained silent and stopped speaking. This woman has been honored for nearly thirty years. Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Birds But Jessica did not give up, still protesting her behavioral character. - Jessie: Mama! Mother, believe me! Brother Tritra and I are really noisy.