Chamnaot Sne [14 of 27Ep END]

Happy coming back to look at his brother, and to say more.   - Chester: Brother and Jerry, it's impossible. I know her since she was in Jaejoong's stomach, so I asked her to look beyond her sister. Vuc Nhanh slightly understands how to understand how the brother is so strong and trapped in a pretty girl. It is known that Jessica has many children, but she is also a good girl with lots of points for attracting young men to look at her, and the small shape and beauty of her hybrid girl make men more prone to obscenity. No matter how much his brother is made of stone or iron, how can he escape this woman's trap? - Vut: Not a sibling. In Coxo, only two months with each other, let's see what's going to happen. Sekong knew that his brother meant he was going to fall in love with a girl who threw a cushion and stuck into his arms this morning.   - Chetra: Ha ha, it does not matter. Jessie and I are no day to love each other. - Vuth: Watch just how well the Jessica is a Khmer-American hybrid. Boys want to be close to Neptune. How long have you overlooked this beautiful girl?   Slave listen to his brother, chuckle again, transcribe topic.   - Stefan: Do not worry, you just care about yourself. When to join them? - Vuth: She refused to turn green at all, despite my frequent requests. - Chetrat: You are not convinced. - Vuth: They say that they want to go abroad to take overseas and then come back to me. - Chetrat: Do not know for a few more years.   Cheerleader should be able to cheer you cheek. They have seen their behavior and may assume that by the character of the woman, that person might say this with their younger brother. - Vuth: I do not. But there are so many things to do to get pregnant. - Chetra: Do not abuse their children, they have species. - Vuth: I do not force girls, do not panic. Such a handsome boy needs to force women to do it. UniCam's future CEO smiled slightly and shook the pride of the second son Lee. - Chetrat: To be so handsome, women are refusing to enter. - Vut: I'm very alone. Be careful only on your own. Love them and they do not want to get married What do you think? - Chetra: Want to say that Brother and Jerry?   Vouching and smiling scoffing.   - Chetrat: You tell, it's impossible. Between Brother and Jessie, even in Condominium a year is still unharmed, because our two characteristics are so different. - Weapons: Differently, they are not complementary. Seeing me and verbs are the same, but I love her because she is her. See when to catch a grin. - Stefan: Yes and lazy to listen to your story wherever you go!   At the hospital, Karnavas stood up, as Vuth spoke to her words. Her friends find it strange.   - Warning: What happens? - Verbs: Do not know, no, do not know why. - Warning: Last night, you can not wait for a night to get too tired. Time to rest and just go home and find a hug. - Verbs: I'm finished with this work and maybe even enough. - Warning: Who has arrived? Is your movie boyfriend?   Smile verb. No wonder she became a girlfriend of celebrity actor Lee Daravuth. When meeting first, look no face, but now have to become a girlfriend and get shifted every day. She knew that the boy loved her so much, but she seemed to think it was too early. She has not finished her internship and she plans to go abroad to take overseas. Her desire is not fast enough, it does not fit her.   - Warning: stand alone, dry, all toothpaste. This is a love affair. When the Good News Has Come? Co-workers shed her up.   - Verbs: They are very strong but I do not want to. Think to wait for the specialty. - Warning: What? And they agreed? Boys have their needs. Little other women get away. He is also famous as a boy and CEO of airlines. There are so many. Girls find good friends, as well as they are not easy to be averse to doing anything else? - Verbs: Did not make any real friends. Just do not look at their appearance and wealth. Just have the day ... She misses the day that Vuth and her are captured by the band, and they venture together until one of the children makes them both mentally ill. She understands that the man whom she used to know as a proud and arrogant person on the first day of the meeting was a brave gentleman who protected the woman only as quickly as possible. She is so strong that she is probably pregnant with her baby now. - Advice: Do not be romantic too long, it's not good. - Charisma: Before they knew each other, they had their own desires. Let's change our own dreams to catch them as husband, is not it unfair to each other? - Advance: Theory, theoretical. Watch out for her. But they go away, less tears, rubbing the knees. No help. Sister assumed her friend was justified, but it did not help change her thinking. An hour later, Vuth came to get her enough. Express up on the car with them. - Vuth: Dirty today? - Verb: Yes, I'm tired yesterday, guard at night. - Vuth: Do you want to rest at home or want to have dinner with you? - Verbs: Are you busy? - Vuth: No, I do not want to force you to stay with me even though you miss me. Their words make the bride cold to the heart. No matter how tired you are, you are no longer tired. She smiles and hands her cheeks. - Verb: sweet to say, Mr. Daravuth. 877/5000 vou th yk dai mkheang kdaob dai neangokramoum cheab haey nhnhum . - vouth : phaem dak te anak kroupety aun mneak te . - keriyea : saek chue haey lok tuokon lbi khang preanneari aey . - vouth : bng chhb thveu tuokon haey tae . pelnih thveukear now kromhoun penh maong haey bat . keriyea nhnhum penhchett kitthea ke brakadabracha nung karngear thmei robsa ke nasa . - keriyea : khnhom minban bangkham lok aoy chhb thveuchea tuokon te na . - vouth : bng mean tha aun chea anak bangkham ena . ku bng khluoneng yltha kuorte chhb thveuchea kaun del rungottung dak ba ttowtiet bonnaoh eng . keat ka chettala cheamuoy bng rhaut mk te bng minothleab chettala cheamuoynung keat te . tengte thveuavei del keat min chaulchett chea nhuknheab . - keriyea : aupoukamdeay ku sralanh kaun khlang bebnih haey . - vouth : pelnih meak ka tralb mk now cheamuoy ba vinh . keat ka chng chaul nivott luen der nung ban noam meak daerleng kamsaeant choumvinh piphoplok beb kamloh kramoum . karngear kromhoun nung thleak towleu bng che trate mneak bae bng min chuoy keat te chbasachea keat nung vetnea temnakeng minkhan te . keriyea yk dai angael thpal robsa anakkamloh . Shut hands with one hand, the bride is trapped and smiling. - Vegetarian: Sweet, only one doctor. - Verb: Tomorrow, believe, and you are the best of the best female preachers. - Vuth: You stop making a movie. Now working full time, yes. Satisfied smile smiled and felt satisfied with their new job. - Verbs: I did not force you to become a movie star. - Vuth: I've got you forced. It is self-evident that you should stop being a rebellious child. He was kind to you, but I was not kind to him. Always do what he does not like often. - Verbs: Parents are so fond of children. - Vute: Mom, now, come back with Dad. He also wants to retire early and bring her around the world as a young girl. The job of the company will fall on one of the brothers, if you do not help him, no doubt he will be alone. Handwritten handkerchief of the bride. - Verbs: Do not try too hard. Look at it all right. This is a home remedy to not sleep well, is not it? Vuth does not respond, they only act promptly to prove that it is true. If they do not try to do the job well.   - Verbs: Let's go hungry, I'm hungry.   The arm of the couple kissed slightly and smiled. Although both are now busy with hard work, meeting each other is good for both of them. ................ At Chetra's office ...   The eldest son of Lee looks at the clock at 7 pm. They should go out to dinner. At first they thought they would go home but thought it was time to go back to their new condominium for a month with the Xisha. The phone was pressed to the XC.   - Jessica: Hello!