Chamnaot Sne [27 of 27Ep END]

Uncontrolled with UniCam's beautiful aviation girl, shed tears too. Katna knows that she's going to the slopes, and that's a big sigh. - Tata: There is another way. If she agrees, then I will delay and will pay some of the money. - Chad: Really? What's the matter? A happy bride. - Sleep: Sleep with me. - Charles: Let my brother sleep with him? She was shocked and opened her eyes wide open. They look so cute and so gay.   - Hata: Are you crazy? I do not eat man. I'm talking about her. If she agrees, I will accept her request.   Hearing, Charles shook his head very angry and scorned her body. She struggled from small to big so she could go to work in the airline. But now she is calling her to be a bitter divorce, to pay her brother's debt. - Chad: You're crazy!   She stood up to walk out, but she continued to speak further.   - Tatha: So please visit her brother in prison.   They say, stand up, pockets, do not worry. Chad stopped his steps and could not go on because of the word "prison." She imagined her brother's picture if he was imprisoned. She struggles to hold back her tears. Sophea Aviation Girl is considering how much money will she earn to pay interest? Eventually, she also had to turn around and come back to talk with her again.   - Chad: He said he would give them five months' worth of debt and some other debt. How many?   Apparently, she smiled, satisfied with the surrender of the beautiful girl in front of her.   - Hatha: How much do you want her? - Chada: ten thousand.   Crystals burst into tears for the bride.   - Hattral: She's really good at bedtime. This, she think, one night her body could cost as much as $ 10,000? - Chalda: No, I will be with you for a week. -Thats: Ten weeks are still expensive. I can rent a dozen girls up to a thousand dollars a night.   Chadan Khamtte sits bloody.   - Chalda: I'm holy.   She awoke and looked at her. This pretty woman. Age is not so young, maybe 22 or 23 or 24 years old, and still has a good time in the day when women sacrifice their bodies to the people they love. It's incredible. - Hata: She's gone! The young man approached his desk and sat down. Though his words may cause them to regret not tasting the sweet one, he still speaks it.   - Chada: What are you talking about? - Hata: I do not like a virgin girl.   The bride almost did not believe in her own ear. Have not you liked men and women of color? And in particular, people are not honored to make money to use the trap to buy a girl to sleep like a person.   - Why: Why? - Hata: I do not need to tell her anything. Go! She's shaking her head. "No one has ever scratched her to this level. But she is still worried about the future of her own brother.   - Chada: No, my brother? - Htkar: If she gets a five-day interest payment, they will go to bed hungry. - Chad: Hey!   She looks sad at her face and gets her free from her hands. But it is thought that the virginity of a woman should be sacrificed to someone she loves, not to pay off. Regardless of who she is, she still has a human mind.   Charlie was upset. She stepped out of Grand Paradise's CEO's office in frustration, worried about the boy's suffering. Permitted to sit down in the office with his one-year-old son. Although they just came to help Straw's work, they were smart and knew how to do brotherly love. Stacey gives a report to the Vuthy. - Stefan: Do it yourself. - Vuth: You have no comments yet? The eldest son of the eldest son. - Stefan: No, no. Your team is doing well. You should bring them to some party to encourage them. - Vuth: You're right, I should bring them out some days, but today I can not go out because there is my favorite date.   Sexy smiling knows that Vuth says this refers to a doctor who is now standing in the hospital because someone is gossiping her. - Chetrat: And when is he coming in? Could not catch their children in the room often, right? - Vuth: Where did you get this story? - Chetra: We see that. Moderately, they're a good girl, do not take him as a game I do not like. - Vuth: I never thought it was a game any time. But I have never been overwhelmed at her again. - Chetrat: Yes, okay? There's only two in the room and no one else to believe in. - Vuth: Only me, yes, Brother and Jerry. In the bed, no one else tells the elders that there is nothing in common. Whoever believes in themselves. He remembers a very early morning when he got up in the hotel's room in the heart of the island. It is still unclear why he and Jessie were in the same bed that night. They seem to suspect that they have done nothing but the bride made it clear that she did not do anything to her, so the young man believed her words because the owner was clear that they had nothing to do with each other. And after that night, Jessica did not show any strange feelings or charms with them. She still behaves as a child and lurks in the same way, Chitrith believes that they are absolutely nothing in that day. But if they tell others they do not have a pair of clothes on their body, who will believe them?