48 Episodes


Pretty Risa girl who has the painful memories implanted since childhood. When she and her party are being exploited at all times. During childhood she hardly had the pleasure to taste it even once. And then breaking point came when she and her mother had to wander astray from their defeat to the look and it was really pathetic life itself. The pain was so impressed I will never forget. And now when she grew up with the fight of their lives as well, and courage. She was back again to reclaim justice they never received. She was not unkind mind at all. But they alone caused her to become someone like a feral beast, the rancor and hatred and abuse them at all times. Pretty Risa feud and revenge until she is sufficiently avenge what they have done. Her face looks sweet outwardly seems so bright and gentle, but the reality. The harsh then hidden inside a puzzle and hidden under the sweet face. While the war itself was resentment. War, Love was formed slowly, when Prince Min. The nickname Desert Hawk hell. The adoption and adoptive brother Yusuf Pretty Risa. He hated that more than anything. But the Prince is back in love with Pretty Risa and wanted to break up resentment in the minds of Prima Rasa away. He could not wait to watch ...

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