Neak Klahan Thnu Tep [1 of 20Ep END]

An Asian-European woman walks straight to Jessica. Just see their friends suddenly, little girls get up from the chair and run to hive, seemingly missed. They talk in English. Hatha looked at the two lovers hugging each other and they smiled at the end of the mouth. They are really friends. Even sneakers are similar, the shorts and waistcoats are just shabby. A handsome gentleman raises a cup of coffee and wipes his last glimpse of the clock when it comes to work. They lift their hands. The little girl raised her hand to be courteous. The friends of Jessica follow the journey of the Tathagat, leaving behind and regretted not to introduce themselves to the handsome man, and they went away. - Who's this? Is your girlfriend? Jessie just interested in the face of her friend. Yes, she realizes that her tattoos and high looks are considered to be among the pretty guys, who are very passionate about her friends.   -Jessica: Not Eve. - Eve: Really? Hi there. And do not advise each other? It's gone.   A good looking male is not in the body of her friends all together.   - Jessie: Remember to know later. - Eve: And they have a boyfriend? - Jessie: Annie? Not so familiar to meet twice. Ask any questions?   Jessie pulled her arm down and pulled her down. Eve pulled her head up.   - Eve: Stylish, charming, no romantic. - Jessie: Do not worry, do not care. - Eve: what is this boy like and not interested? - Jessie: We are a brother-in-law. Do not want to have problems with later. You know how strong Jongin we are. Eve misses Jessie's face as she joins Jessica when she's in high school, so she's been embarrassed several times, while dating to high school boyfriends, Stephanie goes out of the way until her team struggles to get dressed with men. But because he is a handsome boy and has many more games, even if he does not fit in with the other boys, the other boys in her group are happy that the two men go to the movies or go to the restaurant. The cabinet came out of the coffee shop's door to stop in front of a car with one of its bodyguards sitting in the car. Their personal secretary came to the back of the car door to sit down and sit in front of them. The car leaving Hakka Ket cafe looked at the hyacinthous hyena, who was smiling friendly with her friends. Then the boy's boyfriend smiled secretly. - Tatha: Thida's brother? Pretty.   Their bodyguards stole the masters from small mirrors. It seems strange to see his boss smiling alone. They have never known such a haughty, haughty man. They think that maybe he has something good to think about. In the house ... The female aviator bowed face down and cried alone. Do not imagine that his brother was going to do such a big deal. How does she deal with this? - You have to help me? - Chada: How can you help me? We do not have so much money. Your savings have also been taken away. Do you have anything to help you?   The twenty-four-year-old boy knelt down and pleaded with his sister. They also weep for you. Seeing that brother in such a situation, who are there whose hearts are so pervading?   - Kiri: If you do not help me, I really have a big problem.   Chada looks at his brother and suffers in his heart.   - Chad: Yes. Wait for Brothers to talk to them. In Chetra's office ... They take a photo of a new CEO. - Chetra: Hata! Thida's friend. He is the new CEO of Grand Paradise. Grand Paradise is the name of the company and also the name of hotel-casinos in almost every province in Cambodia. Chetra believes that Chada's younger brother would probably go to gaming at any of Grand Paradise's casino-owned casinos and have to borrow a lot of money until he gets the Lee company. The boy is not satisfied that someone dares to come to work in the workplace. But it is thought that the child's hatred is as much as possible, perhaps talking to each other, and perhaps even becoming a business partner someday. The difference is that the casinos in the hotel chain, like in the heart of the island, does not have any casinos attached. ......... ..    Hatha's car comes to a stop in front of a giant hotel overlooking the Grand Palace in England. The new CEO step down from the car entering the hotel, with many children and bodyguards rushing around around the elevator. Their secretariat is reporting on what to do today. - Secretary: The boss must meet with ... Listen to the elevator, climb the ladder. In the face, she deserves to be a man who has the power to move ahead and go to her office. Their journey was topped off when they saw a woman standing in front of the door.