Prolerng Sne Cham Cheat [3 of 21Ep END]

Eve passes the booklet to the book. The waiter looked at the table on the table. It is possible to predict that Jessica is the order of these dishes, and so many are. Only four of them eat how to go. They are making money, my father really does not care about the value of money. That's why, Trat itself is not a critic. But they just do not think it is worth the waste. Because he has been doing so many charities in order to make his company look good, they have often seen their hunger for three years. And, once known as Thida's boyfriend, he knows that the orphans are prone to spending money on something that makes them more prone to spending money and not spending too much on it. - Chetrat: No, so much food, and another one, too. Make a sign for a rice cooker to have one more plate. And the doorkeeper hurte away immediately. - Waiter: Yes. - Chester: Thank you.   Then Chetra was sitting down with them, ignoring them. Emily Eva and Nen Smile are pleased with the ease with which the future of UniCam CEO.   - Nancy: My brother, this is delicious. Nancy grabs some food to put a plate to be happy.   - Eve: This is fine too.   Eve took her face to give her a chance.   - Emilie: This is just fine. Seeing his friend's gesture, and Jessica's face up, Kromo is displeased. She felt embarrassed when her friend drew the attention of the guy she did not see any striking attraction or that the man she considered her brother. The bride puts up her mouth and bloody. - Chetrat: Eat so fast! Watch out for Chisice!   Tracy watches Jerry knowing that she is dissatisfied with their presence at the dinner table together, but they do not seem to care. Little girls try hard to swallow, and slid down the side. The jailed lilas do not know. - Emilie: Tritra has just come out of the job and is wearing a knife? - Steve: Yes.   They used to ask traceability information from Jessie on Anita's wedding day. But they were busy eating too much, not introducing themselves in front of a handsome man. Today, there is a chance, and hurry to catch, not to miss.   - Nancy: Jessie, Jessie, back to the US? Jessie: Go with Tita, Janet, and Bill. - Eve: Two pretty guys were taken away by two pretty girls. We do not know when we will find good guys like Justin and Beau to be husbands. Jessica Eve. Say something like this in the face of a shame. The less they think, the easier for her husband to shake.   - Eve: it hurts me. - Jessie: There are men sitting with us for dinner. Grinning smiles like it's normal.   - Chetrat: Speak as usual, do not criticize. - Jessie: I do not mind. - Chetrat: Women talk about boys when meeting together, something strange.   Nancy squeezed his mouth.   - Nancy: It's the same guy talking about girls, are not you? - Chetra: It's talking about some jobs, sometimes talking about women. - Emilie: From the big hip, big hip, is not it?   Emily was rude and kept asking for more. He smiled but did not want to answer such questions.   - Emilie: Smile, that's true, is not it?   Jessica huddled her words to keep her friends away from the topic at the dinner table, scaring her face more. - Jessie: It's okay to say that. Men know all the hippos, big boobs, but all.   Putting a spoon down, they turned to gas.   - Stacey: Not all. Some men also like small breasts of the chest.   Seeing the boy's boyfriend appearing like this makes her less happy.   - Jessie: Ah !!! You alone say it's important to see what I'm doing? Want me to have a small chest small chest?   Seriously funny. He did not intend to say no to her.   - Chetra: I did not say that. The breast is not small, but it is not too big.   Jessic rolls on Chetra's thigh and bites his lips. She knew that she had seen Bikini dressed while swimming. But to shame her in front of her friend does not like that. The three lovely ladies at the table with them looked at their breasts. Among them, Jessica has the largest breasts, and Chetra is not much bigger. They are not finished. Chetra continues to eat blind food, leaving the girls sitting upset about their own chest size. Everyone was silent. The frenzied atmosphere has disappeared as a thief is stealing horses.