Sneha Sonya Komnum [2 of 44Ep END]

Jessica missed. She shakes hands and then shakes her chest. The guy shakes her and kills her. But this little girl does not succumb to her throat just because she's gripping her ear. -Jessica: People are taking advantage of it! Tell me not to skip the cushions, but still grab the bride, take a hug. - Chetra: When did the bride catch her? It's the bride who throws the cushion and comes into the hands of the groom. -Jessia: Spanking. I'm not going to do that. Put her hand on the cushion that she threw on the bricks. Jessie still does not believe and shakes her hand from the big palm of Trat.   - Jessica: I miss you! - Chetrat: If I no longer will not be beaten anymore? This girl is very bitter, who has been a wife for sleeping every day. - Jessie: I only have two boys taking advantage of me. - Chetrat: I'm sorry, you're going to work. The eldest son, Lee, released her hand, got out of bed and walked into the toilet. Baths get dressed and they come out. Jessie hit them and entered the bathroom. She's bored. One day living with a man is really annoying. Her mother wanted to arrest her to marry him. But she did not love them, and she did not love her old, selfish, self-made to do this. The little girl bathed herself cleanly as she walked away, breathing heavily. The habit at home is that people prepare breakfast on the table, making it smell of laughter, now that they have to do everything on their own, no matter what breakfast. But he has been doing this for years, since he graduated from college abroad. The young man walks out of the condo without breakfast in the abdomen. Arriving near the company, they walked into a cafe. - Chetrat: Ask a black coffee and a sandwich! - Yes. She got the order to look up the stamps. He is very handsome, and he is a good-looking worker. She went to the coffee shop, slamming her friend to look at the handsome men waiting for coffee. The smiling smirk took his coffee and his sandwich and walked out to a table. Girls in the whiskey shop started to whisper. They seem to have seen the statue somewhere. It was recalled that this handsome boy is the son of a CEO of UniCam Airway, who will take over from his father soon. They click on the internet. A woman chirped to the ears of her colleagues. Outside, more handsome than in the photo. - This is a handsome boyfriend.   Another woman hands together to make a pillow on her cheeks and is dreaming of the Tea's coffee drinking gesture. - Ask a black coffee! A woman's voice awakens the female cafe staff waking from the fantasy. Cadaada, a beautiful avid girl who was a descendant of Anita, grabbed her coffee and sat at a table, with a wall, with her face sad, but watching a mountain alone. She quickly saw her mum. She wants to be nice, but another one bans because she is focusing on information on the newspaper in her hand. He stuck the paper and his eyes closed with Chada. They remember that she was an aviation girl in her company. They smile but they do not know what this pretty girl names. Yes, she's Chada. They just remembered. Leo had told her she had forgotten the food of the guests the other day. But they are lazy to chase her because Nicaea leans to leave the opportunity for a new employee. She smiled back to her big boss. She walked upstairs and held a friendly greetings.   - Chad: Good morning! - Steve: Yes. To fly today? - Chad: No. Today, I'm off to a flight tomorrow. - Chetra: So, okay?   Stamped the newspaper, leaving the coffee shop's original place, then took a cup of coffee and then threw the rubbish.   - Chetrat: I'm going to the company. - Chada: Yes, Mr. President. Chetra leaves Chada, standing smiling behind him. The young girl knows that the boss speaks little with subordinates. And she knew that they were stupid and no one was afraid of them. But it is handsome, in any woman's mind. The tall, well-muscular man is still the youngest female employee in the company. Not only Chada, she is still looking at Chetra's trip, even if the girls in the cafe stand watching them until they pass away.   She went to sit down at her table. She raises the caffeine and looks at the outside of the glass. She saw a girl holding her mother's hand on the street, reminding her of her beloved mother in childhood. Smiles also emerge unconsciously on the cheeks of the little ones. A few minutes later, a twenty-slim, twenty-one-year-old man ran over to stand in front of her.

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